Thursday, November 12, 2009

My first solo ride!

Did my first solo trip covering a distancce of 800 km in 3 days and explored the beautiful Velneshwar beach.

Some panaromas from the trip...

Velneshwar Beach

My bike with Velneshwar beach as backdrop

Velneshwar Beach

Kumbharli Ghat

Route Map:

View Solo Konkan Ride! in a larger map

Early morning breakfast/tea near Khambatki Ghat at around 6 AM

Start of Kumbharli ghat which takes you to Chiplun in Konkan

Sight from top of the ghat

Twisting roads!

There is my beach!!

On the way to the beach

There is the beautiful Velneshwar Beach!

Lazing around on the beach front room

My beach front room!

A boat in the sea

Local boy cycling on the beach

Prized catch!

The catch!

Celebration time!

Kids fishing along the shore


Sunset at Velneshwar

Sunset at Velneshwar

View from inside of my room

River crossing on boat!

The boat!

The bike!

Crossing the river over to Jaigad fort, saves time and fuel

Just enjoying the adventure!

Fox we saw on the way

Jaigad sea fort

Inside Jaigad sea fort

Jaigad sea fort

Some pose!

Jaigad sea fort


Pomfret....wat else u want in life!

The mighty Gagan Bawda ghat

Gagan Bawda ghat

On top of Gagan Bawda


  1. Kudos to you my friend. This is the way to do it!!. Remember the song of Batista.."I walk alone" ;-)

  2. wooooow !! thanks for sharing ur experience... pics r amazing..this is the kind of journeys i always wanted to do in my life... thanks for inspiring :)

  3. Suoer set ride....lovely photo compositions.

  4. Sir tumcha one man show mgmt solid

  5. superb.... u enjoyed this one!!!!!

  6. sahi re dada... tuzyakadun he shikayala hawa.!!!

  7. surmaai zakas ch... pan tu kadhi fresh surmaai khalliy ka... mast masala laavleli... veda hoshil yaar...

  8. @मुर्खानंद
    Kevah bolavtos ghari! :)

  9. Really Superb...All these experiences you share are really refreshing....The pics are also really beautiful... :)

  10. The fish looks just Divine, hope it was as good as the place

  11. @shivankh
    It was as divine in taste as it was to look at!

  12. very good them very much

  13. beautiful.....specially the ghat photos, keep it up

  14. thanks for taking beutiful picture of my village vewlneshvar i will try take fresh photo like u

  15. @Sandesh
    Tuza gaav khup chhan aahe re!
    Do send the snaps when u take them.

  16. Amazing photos... tya poran sobat cha photo ekdam mast aahe.. ekdam khara :)

  17. Not sure but came across to this wonderful place after seeing your blog only. We are visiting this place this Dec 2011.

    Thanks for sharing !!!

    Manish Patil