Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 4: Ride to Mangan (North Sikkim)

Route: Gangtok - Mangan (65 KM)
Road Condition: Initial patches of road after Gangtok were bad and later on good roads till Mangan.
Max. Altitude: 3950 ft(Mangan)

We got up late and got ready to go collect the permits from secretariat. At 10:30 we reached the office. After an hour, we finally got the letters. There were some 2-3 copies of letters which we had to submit at different places on our way. The letter read "Bike Expedition". So the three of us felt very proud that it was officially an Expedition! The next in process was to get the actual road permits from IGP office in Gangtok. It was 12:30 pm when we completed the whole process of getting the permits, after which we were ready to roar into North Sikkim!
At around 1:30 we left Gangtok. We had decided to reach Chungtang which is about 120 km from Gangtok, by evening. As soon as we left Gangtok, the road turned worse as there was heavy back cutting work going on. We got an idea of things to come in next few days! The stretch was very, slushy and very slippery. The new ceat knobby rear tyre really helped in there. after sweating out the stretch we again hit good tarmac road.

Teesta flowing fast!

Meanwhile the scenery was changing very dramatically. High mountains and greenery was surrounding us as we started to gain altitude. It's a breathtaking sight

Met her at Seven Sisters Falls, Gangtok-Mangan Road

Just when everything was perfect, it started raining very heavily and adding to that was very thick fog, thickest I’ve ever seen in my life! This made us slow down quite a bit but we were still riding!!

From a high bridge on Gangtok-Mangan Road

The road condition till Mangan is good. I really enjoyed riding this stretch even if I couldn’t see a thing due to fog and rain. At 6:30 we reached Mangan.

The better roads

We were advised not to go to Chungtang the same day as it was getting very dark and the roads were bad. So we decided to spend that night at Mangan. Mangan is district headquarters of North Sikkim.
Our clothes were all drenched in water. Also, we had made a mistake by not taking all weather shoes. We settled for a hotel at 800. We went to sleep pretty early as we were tired a bit.


  1. Dude..gone throgh ur blog..
    u r awesome..!!
    I dont kno when i wil get a chance to do all this..

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