Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 13: Ema Datshi, Takin & Thimpu Nightlife

We got ready at 7 and went to immigration department to extend permits for Haa valley and Punakha. The weather in Thimpu was very clear, something which we missed in Sikkim for a large part. We then went to the immigration office and finished up the formalities by filling up a form. We were told to collect the permits at 2:30 pm. We decided to visit the Takin Reserve and BBS towers. Takin is Bhutan's national animal and its a unique mix of a goat and a cow! We then headed to BBS tower from where we had a very nice birds eye view of Thimpu.
Thimpu is perhaps the only capital city in the world with no Traffic Lights!

Norzin Lam, Main Street at Thimpu

Cinema Theater.. baghaila hava hota picture!

Taj Tashi, Star hotel in Thimpu

Thimpu Streets

We went to immigration office where we had to wait till 3:30 for getting the permits. After that, we headed to RTA office to get extension for our vehicles as well. A lady in charge signed our permits and we were all ready to visit Punakha Valley and Haa Valley which we later on skipped due to lack of time. We had Kewa Datshi(Potato in cheese)and Ema Datshi for lunch.
Ema Datshi is national dish in Bhutan where dry chilies are mixed in cheese! A dish of chilies as a national dish!
Ema Datshi..National Dish..chillies in Cheese

At night, we again went to The Hub where Sangay dedicated few Hindi songs for his friend Hrishi from Nasik!
We also met a friend of Sangay who was an elderly man from a place called Trashigang which is at farthest east of Bhutan. He shared his experiences of his travels and had few beers with us. He sang a song in his local language which was different than the Dzongkha language of Bhutan.

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