Sunday, June 28, 2009

Photoblog: Sikkim - Bhutan on Motorcycle

The photos are in order of our journey starting from Kolkata - Siliguri - North Sikkim - East Sikkim - Bhutan. Started riding from Siliguri after picking up bikes from Gati transport.

Over 2000 km and over 17000 ft...every km was so exciting!

Route Map:

View North Sikkim - Bhutan in a larger map

Some panoramas from the trip...

Gurdongmar Lake, North Sikkim

108 Chortens, Dochu La, Bhutan

City Sqaure, Thimpu, Bhutan
North Sikkim

Tiger's Nest, Bhutan

Tsongmo Lake, en route Nathu la

North Sikkim

The Album

On our way to Kolkata

Birla Planetarium, Kolkata

Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

Park Street,Kolkata

Peter Cat Restaurant, Kolkata

Utter Bana Express: Kolkata-New Jalpaiguri over night train

Coronation Bridge, Sevoke, Siliguri-Gangok Road, We picked up our bikes from Siliguri and started riding..

Gangtok View from our Hotel

Prayer Wheels at Lingdong Monastery near Gangtok

Lingdong Monastery, Gangtok Area

Little Monk!

Ban Jhakri Falls, Gangtok Area

Night View: Gangtok

Momos everywhere!

Tibetan Cuisine!

met her at Seven Sister's Falls on our way to North Sikkim..she was very happy to pose!

Thats a very happy n excited guy..

View from a High Bridge on the way to Mangan, North Sikkim

Parag at the last petrol pump in North Sikkim..

The better roads...

Expect all this.. true excitement!

and the excitement never stops!

a water fall in Sikkim

The road never know when'll you see a cross mark at all the places...

Teesta flowing fast!

The kind of bridges you get there

Road or not..its still exciting!

Info chart at Chungtang in North Sikkim

Its all restricted area but we had our permits after a 2 day struggle at Govt. offices at Gangtok!

on way to Lachung..

Nice water fall on the way to Lachung from Chungtang

Nice restaurant at Alpine Resort, lachung.. we stayed here..

Yumthang valley

Well you do get excited after a few rounds of old monk & this stunning scenery!

These girls run all the shacks at Yumthang..not a single man there!

Yumthang Valley aali re!!

Way to Zero point from Yumthang valley

Way to Zero point.. thick fog..rain..muddy n slippery road..chilly weather..perfect!!

Our first glimpse of ice!

Prayer flags on the way to zero point

It was flowering season at Yumthang valley

You won't miss Pune roads here!

Thats the kind of sight we've been waiting for! too good!

Yak on the run!

End of the road at Zero Point!

Finally at Zero Point!

Flowers near our hotel at Lachung

View from our Hotel at Lachung

Way to katao from Lachung!

Thats the farthest we were allowed by Army men ahead of Zeku Phyak and before Katao

Posing with Army men at Zeku Phyak..they said we were the first one on motorcyles there!

We all wanted to go to Katao desperately but alas!

Winding roads reaching to Katao!

Way back to Lachung from Katao

Lachung Valley

Rhododendron is their Sikkim's state flower and is found in this alpine country.

A cup of coffee from army men on the way...feel special!

Hot Springs at Yumthang valley

Just landed!

Morning 4'o Clock View from Hotel at Lachung

Another view...

Thanggu Village: We stayed here for a day to acclimatize for our next day's ride to Gurudongmar lake..pretty village

Thats our lodge at Thanggu

Dosa at 15000 ft!! An Army men makes dosa and kerala parotha!

way to Chopta valley

Chopta valley

Chopta valley

Our dinner table at Thanggu!

He woke up when Parag shouted...

Nice Picture!



Last check point before Gurudongmar Lake

The last thing you need here!

Ice capped mountains n glacier lakes!

gr8 roads!

Do what you feel like!

Himalayan Desert!

The roads up there...


You dont get to ride at such places often!

I loved it!

The High Point: Gurudongmar Lake!

My bike made it without any problems.. she is such a darling!

Another shot of lake

Prayer flags at the lake


Clear Skies!

The fantastic lake!

See it for yourself

I just loved this photo!


Tsomgo lake on the way to Nathu freezes in winter..

Chinese gate at Nathu La.. we could see chinese army men on the other side..very exciting place..
we could get here thanks to Major Chauhan who gave permission to come till this point as it was beyond closing time..

Chinese workers on the other side!

A cup of coffee from these men right on the border.. now thats a treat!

Lhasa is closer than my home!

Posing with the Guards on the border

Baba Mandir near nathu la

ATM at 15000 ft!

Local lady at a shop

Bhutan Gate: our entry into the himalayan kingdom

Bhutan's National Dress!

Coronation Special..guess that one!

Local currency (ngultrum)

with Kapil Thapa, runner up, Indian Idol 2.. I never watched the show but still..

No..not carrom..its called Marriage!

Way to Thimpu

land slides were common

Project Dantak(BRO) maintains all the roads in Bhutan

Thimpu City!

Never expected such roads.. four lane roads..too good!

Thimpu: Night View

Thimpu: Night View

Thimpu: Local Pub

Thats Sangay, lead singer at the pub.. he dedicated few songs for us too!

Thimpu is perhaps the only capital city in the world with no Traffic Lights!

Norzin Lam, Main Street at Thimpu

Cinema Theater.. baghaila hava hota picture!

Taj Tashi, Star hotel in Thimpu

Thimpu Streets

Takin Reserve, National Animal

Strange Animal.. combination of Goat and Cow!

Thimpu from BBS tower

Ema Datshi..National Dish..chillies in Cheese

108 chortens, Dochu la

108 chortens, Dochu la

Bhutan Country Side

Punakha: Ancient city

Punakha Dzong(Monastery)

Punakha Dzong(Monastery)

Punakha Dzong(Monastery)

Punakha Dzong(Monastery)

Punakha Dzong(Monastery)

Punakha Dzong(Monastery)

Punakha Dzong(Monastery)


You get yak cheese as well

National Stadium, Thimpu

Sikam Paa..was highly recommended by Sangay the singer.. But then he was joking i guess..its a horrible taste!

nice menu to have in Bhutan!

Archery is Bhutan's National obessesion!

They play it the whole day on weekends!

Serious aiming!

Tiger's Nest Monastery Trek!

Tiger's Nest Monastery Trek: First View

Tiger's Nest Monastery Trek: Cafe

Looks stunning

way to Tiger's Nest Monastery


Stunning place!

The mantra

Paro valley

See you again!


  1. kya pics hain boss .... lifetime trip ... dude next time u plan smthin like this , i am in ....just amazin

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  5. Hrishikesh,
    Great photos , you seemed to have enjoyed a lot! I envy ! ;-) :)

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    Well to tell u the truth, I am JEALOUS..
    wish could join you

  7. Hrishi and Parag you r real trekkers.
    Snaps are realy amazing. U also captured human emotion pretty well(OR they have given good poses ;) ). Life time trip boss..lay bhari. Now when r u planning for laddakh..?

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  18. Hey All!
    Thanks for liking the blog!
    These are amazing places which you all must visit to have the real feel.
    I'll soon write a detailed blog.


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  20. Awesome dude.................I feel sinned for missing this invited trip, feel like shooting at my BOSS for not granting me leaves :( Next time Puca, I will be there.

  21. Hey Anil!
    No problem time we all go for sure!

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    WOW!!! WOW!!! Excellent!!! tht was sum really mind blowing pics, u r a gud photographer,
    Thts wht really shud b called a tour, really inspiring and ur captions were too gud :)

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    N d pics of Calcutta (dats wot its olwez gonna b 4 me) made me soooooo very nostalgic...thnx for those tooo!

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    u hv done a lifetime achievement man....
    just so much enjoyed ur pics....amazing....
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  35. Hi friends, I am a friend of Parag.... i just want to say that ... if you are about to do a trek then it should be this way otherwise live it...

    Abhay Bagalkoti

  36. @Yogesh
    Glad you liked the snaps.I would soon be writing a detailed blog. Have already started working on it and will try to finish it up fast.

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    Jau parat kadhi tari may be some othe destination :)

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    nishant deshpande

  39. @Deepak
    Nakki jau ya ektra sagle.Will b fun for sure.

  40. @Nishant
    Aamchya barobar ek bike bajaj caliber croma hoti.its a 110 cc bike!
    So tuzi tar aaramat yeil. btw What do u do?

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    bad timing and a small road accident prevented us that time...

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  51. @sudip

    You can refer the detailed blog which is on a day to day basis

  52. seems like mind blowing trip. I'm planning to do sikkim around mid-may by bike. can you share details on where you hired your bike and about permits ?

    1. was indeed a mind blowing trip. We transported our own bikes to Siliguri from Pune.
      About permits, You should get them at Home Department Office, Gangtok. They are the ones who will issue it. You can refer the more detail day-by-day log for more information.


  53. Wonderful trip indeed. We (three) are planning the same trip for the next month (May '12) on our bikes (2 Hondoa Unicorns and one Enfield Bullet)the difference being that you two are so young and we three are on the other side of the age-plateau (one is 40 and the other two 59). We are likely to ride right from Kolkata to Thimpu, Paro, Haa, Punakha to Yumthang Valley to Gurudongmar via Pedong, Baba Mandir and Chhangu. Your pictures provided us a good preview of what we are going to witness in person. Thank you. But a detailed accompanying blog would have been still better.

    1. Hats off to you people!
      I think your trip will be an inspiration still for many more. I had made an attempt to desscribe in details if you check the the day-by-day log. But that too, might not be very detailed. If you people have any questions, I would be more than happy to help. You can contact me at

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